The MonsterBuzz debate – Colin Minto shares his take on the forthcoming debate

 On the 24th January we'll be running the first MonsterBuzz debate of 2013. This time the debate will be centred around the topic of “The Candidate Experience – Does it really matter?”.

Our panel of six includes; Gary Franklin (Co Founder of the Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers), Colin Minto (Global Head of Resourcing G4S), Julia Briggs (Founder on HR Interim Group, Interimity), David Henry (VP Marketing, Monster) and Richard Thayer (Founder of the M3 Job Club).

I asked each of them to answer a few questions prior to the event to help shape some of the points we'll be covering. This second article shares the thoughts of Colin Minto. I’ve known Colin many years and he's passionate about the candidate experience - or as he calls it “candidate satisfaction” - so I'm delighted that Colin shared his thoughts with me.

     Q- What do you believe we mean when we talk about the "Candidate Experience"? – Quite simply it’s what a candidate would go on record with when describing what they thought of the end to end recruitment process provided by an organisation. I would suggest ‘Candidate Satisfaction’ is a better term because no matter what we engineer and weave into a recruitment process, the only true measurement of Candidate Experience is the satisfaction level experienced by someone who has gone through it!

    Q- Is there evidence that it really does impact on candidate behaviour? – I would suggest this depends on the state of the economy and the demand for certain skill sets. In buoyant times where candidates have choice I would agree that candidates choose not to apply to organisations where they have either had or heard of negative ‘Candidate Satisfaction’, favouring those organisations which people continually praise. However, in uncertain economic climates where choice is limited, I expect candidates overlook past experience in favour of securing a role.

    Q- Is there a difference between how In-House Recruiters see this is V HR? – Not in my opinion as it is an HR driven objective throughout G4S globally, therefore, everyone in an HR and recruiting capacity is focussed on providing the very best experience to compete for the very best people.

   Q- Is the candidate experience a big statement to mask the fact that the recruitment process is long with a lot of moving parts i.e Attraction, Engagement, Application, Testing, Background Checking, Confirming/Rejecting and Onboarding - and in reality it's an individual experience and is it realistic to expect to manage the expectations of each of those applying? – Again a number of determining factors here, e.g. size of business, number of businesses in the Group, number of recruiters, geography, global cultural differences etc etc, so providing consistency is a challenge. But yes the statement is ‘big’, however, the recruitment process for any organisation is what it needs to be to ensure success and I don’t think anyone should ever excuse the complexity of the processes they execute if they are complex through necessity. The trick is obviously to ensure each process is candidate friendly to attract the correct volume and calibre of candidates and keep then engaged throughout, plus the experience is measured consistently to ensure it is fit for purpose, successful for all parties and attractive to the talent it is designed to satisfy. An outcome of ‘Candidate Satisfaction’ is a referral to a friend or loved one, so a keen eye on measuring referrals by candidates will help to confirm if the process is indeed satisfying.

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