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So, gone are the days where being away from the computer also meant being away from the internet. I find myself sat on an evening with the television on, my laptop on my knee, my phone by my side and more often than not an Xbox controller in my hands.

Actually, when I go to visit my parents and sit in their lounge with just the TV for entertainment, something weird happens. I can’t stop thinking in questions.

What does that word mean they just said on the news? Where do I recognise that actor from? What are my friends up to at the moment? Should I share with the world this awkward family photo my mum just showed me? Can someone help me finish Portal 2 on co-op tonight?

Basically, I’m an internet and information addict. Sit me down in front of just one screen and I crave the warmth of my laptop on my knee, miss the sound of my phone telling me I’ve got new notifications and my ears feel strangely naked without my Xbox headset . And I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

The internet – along with noisy modems, the search engine Lycos and an abundance of AOL discs - is as much a part of my childhood as toys, sweets and balloons. I’m probably part of the very first generation of people who’ve grown up with constant access to information via the internet.

So as more and more people grow up with access to the things they want at hand, and as more and more people grow accustomed to a life of mobile information, it only makes sense that job search became mobile too.

We don’t talk about our apps a lot at Monster – probably a sign of just how integrated apps are into our everyday lives – yet they do exist. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android fan, you can download the Monster apps for free and continue your job search on the move.

Being honest, it sounded like a strange concept to me at first. I couldn’t understand how attaching your CV would work, and how much of the application would have to be typed out using your phone. I was wondering if employers would be able to tell you had applied via mobile and might not weight a mobile application as heavily as one done by someone sat at their PC.

However, so long as you’re registered with Monster and already have a CV uploaded to your account, the whole process is pretty straight forward and can be done in minutes.

So long as people are mobile, their job search might as well be too. I know how uncomfortable it feels to be away from the internet when there are things on your mind that you want to be able to deal with in the here and now. Someone’s job search is no different, and certainly a whole lot more important to them than a desire to go on Facebook or play Xbox!

If you’d like to find out more about Monster’s mobile apps or how to  advertise a position on Monster whilst keeping mobile in mind, visit our mobile best practices page.


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