Onwards and Upwards! Recruitment Industry Predictions for 2013

Another day and another hire, the world of recruitment doesn’t stop and that’s what makes it so fun. I’ve been asking friends in the Recruitment Industry to give us their predictions for 2013.

We’ve been talking to Darren Brown (Co-Founder and CEO at Logic Melon) and Mike Roberts (Event Director at the Graduate Recruitment Social Media Conferenece and Awards) about their thoughts on recruitment trends in 2013. Here’s what Darren Brown had to say on the matter: 

1. Social media and mobile platforms are fast becoming a “must-have” not a “nice-to-have”.

 2. Recruitment Technology will be more fundamental than ever and with more choice, but it also may become more confusing as well.

3. Employer branding will need to be stronger as the labour market picks up and there will need to be a better use of social network platforms.

4. Niche job boards will take more of a stand and become stronger.

5. The ‘flat-fee’ proposal/offering will become part of most recruitment agency offerings.

Mike Roberts also offered his 10 graduate recruitment predictions:

1. The growing confidence from organisations to include Facebook as part of the media attraction mix will mean organisations who can deliver apps that will enhance the look and feel of a Facebook Careers page will be real winners.

2. Twitter and Blogging will be 2013’s latest social media areas of experiment for communicating with students.

3. There will be a growing move to manage ‘on-boarding’ campaigns on ‘closed’ pages on Facebook or a similar platform.

4. Someone will launch a serious rival to the Times Top 100.

5. Carl Gilliard’s successor will be female.

 6. The number of students looking to apply for a place at university will fall dramatically again, as they look to enrol in programmes where they can ‘earn while they learn’.

7. Smartphone usage will reach 1.5 billion worldwide by the end of 2013, mobile web usage almost equal with PC web usage making your mobile strategy almost as important as your PC web strategy.

 8. Someone will develop a tool to measure engagement in the graduate recruitment social media arena.

9. There will be even more interest in the 2013-14 Graduate Recruitment Social media Conference, as organisations start to ‘chase the train which has already left the station without them!’

 10. There will still be several organisations who will attempt to enter the 2013-14 Graduate Recruitment Social Media Awards after the deadline date. Let’s hope it’s less than the three turned away this year!

And here are my thoughts;

 1. Social is mainstream now amongst many organisations but the big trend in 2013 will be to question whether it really works – there's going to be a huge focus on metrics.

 2. Candidate Relationship Engagement and Candidate Relationship Management will become much more of a reality.

 3. Mobile with everything, but again metrics are going to be really important – with over 20% of traffic to job boards and career sites coming from a mobile, it’s the future.

 4. The new generation career site, which is both an attraction tool and a marketing CRM tool, will go big.

 5. The social brand, the employer brand and the employer value proposition will become a “must-have” not a “can we afford this?”

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