Monster Returns to TV with £2.5M Ad Campaign Inspiring Jobseekers to 'Find Better'

From today, we're launching a multi-channel advertising campaign encouraging people to ‘Find Better’ in their working life and career.

The new campaign, which marks Monster’s return to TV since our last appearance in 2008, tracks jobseekers throughout the day by placing a series of messages at strategic locations. It will run from 11 February to 31 March and will be seen and heard approximately 1,311 million times.

This is the first campaign of its kind for us – spanning across TV, out-of-home (OOH) digital, radio and online – with our advertising designed to follow the jobseeker from sunrise to sunset, tapping into universal truths about work and job seeking, inspiring them to ‘Find Better’.

From sunrise a breakfast radio partnership with Global Radio and the Capital Breakfast Show aims to stimulate discussion amongst jobseekers about jobs and careers, delivering high frequency brand awareness.betterjobsareoutthere

The campaign will be highly visible, using outdoor digital displays across the country; at major rail stations, tube stations and roadside, including nine state-of-the-art, digital screens circling the concourse of Euston station, one of the UK’s premier digital out of house sites. Ads will have a strong presence during commuter timings, to inspire jobseekers in the mornings and stimulate job search in the evenings.

In addition an integrated digital display and search strategy will reach seekers across mobile, tablet and desktop to ensure Monster is present with messaging throughout the working day, in the evenings and at weekends.

TV advertising will be up-weighted on Sunday to Tuesday evenings to catch jobseekers starting their working week, with a particular spike on Sunday evenings, where Monster typically believes people are most receptive to thinking about their future career options. You can see the two TV adverts we'll be screening below:


Our VP Marketing, David Henry, said, "Over the last few years many people have been hesitant to look for a new job; some believe there are few of the right jobs out there, some have simply decided to stay put. 2013 is the “new normal”, where the economic climate ceases to be such an important factor in people’s career decisions – leading to a growth of people now prepared to move for the right job. Monster’s new campaign stimulates and encourages people to look for a better role, and demonstrates how easy it can be using Monster’s unique semantic search technology."

You can see more of the research that's gone into inspiring this campaign in our infographic 'The Journey To Find Better':



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