Mobile Recruiting Top 10 Tips


Mobile recruiting is gaining traction and with candidates using a mobile device to search for a job or seek out information about a job or company. The future for mobile recruiting is bright. 

But despite this, I hear a regular cry of “What do I do?”. Well, no need to worry, these top 10 tips could help you start developing your mobile recruiting strategy: 

  1. Find out how many jobseekers are already accessing your site via a mobile device.
  2. Look at the current experience for a jobseeker when viewing your site on a mobile device.
  3. Do you want to focus more on apps or mobile web?
  4. Which platforms are popular with your users and should you be looking to adopt?
  5. What’s your competition doing with mobile?
  6. Make sure you choose the right company to build your mobile solution.
  7. Do you go with a fully managed solution or buy the source code outright?
  8. When designing or approving a design, keep things simple.
  9. Can your users apply for a job direct from their mobile phone / would they want to?
  10. Promote your mobile presence extensively across your sites, comms, social media and any events you attend.

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